Friday, May 19, 2017

No specific cause was pinpointed for the massive MFA Agri Services fire in Clark, MO

MFA Agri Services moving forward after fire destroyed the Clark business By Connie Duvall, MI News Reporter

CLARK, Mo. — Late on the night of May 8, a blaze erupted at the MFA Agri Services building in downtown Clark. Several fire departments in Randolph and Boone counties sent firefighters to battle the blaze, which had spread to the entire block of MFA buildings.

The firefighters rushed to keep the fire contained to that block. They did so successfully, but, by the morning of May 9, nothing was left of the MFA buildings but brick and concrete.

Just over a week later, the site of the fire looks strikingly different. An MFA Mobile Recovery Unit vehicle sits across the street from where the MFA Agri Services building once stood. Crews move rock and debris, and cleanup is well underway.

The state fire marshal inspected the site to investigate the fire, but no specific cause was pinpointed, officials said.

Southeastern Randolph Fire Protection District Capt. Seth Truesdell said he walked with the fire marshal as he conducted his investigation.

“He did not pinpoint the cause of the fire, but there was nothing suspicious,” Truesdell said.

Truesdell said the water used while fighting the fire was pumped into red containers, or separators, to ensure clean water and clean ground to meet Department of Natural Resources standards.

For Bryan Truesdell, the manager of the Clark MFA Agri Services location, the fire was more than watching the business he managed burn to the ground.