Friday, May 19, 2017

Land Rover Sinks Into Ocean Beach at the Island Beach State Park in South Jersey as Driver Tries to Photograph the Sea

SUV Sinks Into NJ Beach as Man Tries to Photograph It by Ocean

Video posted on Facebook shows a man trying to dig his SUV out of a Jersey Shore beach. Officials said he was trying to take photos of it next to the ocean when it got stuck and began sinking. (Published Wednesday, May 17, 2017)

A man trying to take scenic photos of his SUV by the Jersey Shore ended up trying to dig the vehicle out after it started sinking into the water-logged sand, officials said.

State Park Police responded to a call Tuesday about a vehicle stuck at Island Beach State Park, about 15 miles southeast of Toms River, officials said. A tow company arrived around the same time to find the man at the surf line with his vehicle.

The driver had a Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle permit, which allows him to operate a 4-wheel drive vehicle on fishing beaches. He was not issued a summons, officials said.

Witnesses said the man insisted on driving the vehicle away after it was towed, even though its lights were flashing and its engine was making strange sounds.