Thursday, March 23, 2017

Drunk driver crashes his car into a medical office in Springfield, NJ; 2 seriously injured

Thursday, March 23, 2017 06:05AM
SPRINGFIELD, New Jersey (WABC) -- Two people were injured when a car crashed into the side of a Springfield office building Wednesday night.

The driver lost control and hit the building at the intersection of Morris Avenue and Springfield Avenue just before midnight.

Both victims were taken to University Hospital in Newark in critical condition.

It was not immediately known why the driver lost control and crashed into the side of the building. No one inside was injured.

Most likely these two were drunk, as drunks crash at the highest frequency during the early a.m. hours.   


SPRINGFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two people were injured after their car crashed into a building overnight in Springfield, New Jersey.

Police say the silver sedan careened into the side of a concrete building just before midnight on South Springfield Avenue.

The impact left a gaping hole in a medical office, one of many businesses housed in the building that were all empty at the time of the crash. The car ended upside down on its roof, its front end smashed, CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reported.

Two people inside the car were pinned in place for more than 30 minutes. In police scanner audio from, first responders can be heard calling for help to cut the injured occupants from the wreckage.

“Two patients confirmed trapped in the vehicle, FD is currently working on extraction,” a first responder says.

In that extraction process, the fire department ripped the doors off the car and pulled the two victims to safety, rushing them to University Hospital in Newark.

One person is in critical condition while the other is in serious condition.

There’s no word on what caused the crash.

A human animal shot a defenseless cat with an arrow in Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, New York

A human animal shot a defenseless cat with an arrow in Gerritsen Beach in Brooklyn, New York

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 09:34PM
GERRITSEN BEACH, Brooklyn (WABC) -- A cat was found shot by a crossbow and managed to survive in Brooklyn.

The stray who has since been named "Whitney" was found in Gerritsen Beach on Friday with a bolt from a crossbow.

She was taken to the vet for treatment where she is now recovering.

Police are investigating and trying to find who might have done this to Whitney.

You can tell about the personality of an individual from the way they treat animals.  This particular person will most likely grow into a killer, a serial killer or something similar.  Statistics show that most killers started their "career"  by attacking and killing animals first.