Monday, July 24, 2017

3 firefighters were injured after a propane tank exploded during a home fire in Las Vegas, NV. The fire caused $300,000 in damages.

3 firefighters injured after propane grill explosion near Alexander and Durango

by Nathan O'Neal and Tony Garcia

Sunday, July 23rd 2017

LAS VEGAS, NV (KSNV News3LV) — Three firefighters were injured after a fire Sunday night at a northwest Las Vegas valley residence.

Crews were called just after 5 p.m. for the large, one-story home on the 8600 block of Castle Hill Avenue, near West Alexander Road and North Durango Drive, according to Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.

The investigation indicates that a propane grill that was too close to the home exploded.

“We're not sure what caused that explosion, but it did start in the barbecue,” LVFR’s Tim Szymanski said. “That's why we caution people when they're using a barbecue, it should be at least 10 feet away from any building or fence.”

When firefighters arrived, flames were seen through the roof. Additional units were called, and crews took a defensive effort to fight the fire.

During the fire, a portion of the roof collapsed striking three firefighters. One had a hand injury, it was treated on scene and released. Another firefighter was hit in the mouth and broke a tooth. Further treatment by a dentist will be needed for that injury.

One other firefighter was knocked to the ground and hurt his back and possibly his head. As a result of the possible head injury, the firefighter was taken to UMC for examination.

“It's non-life threatening, but we don't take any chances with head injuries,” said Szymanski.

None of the injuries were life threatening. No civilians were injured.

The attic and roof of the house is destroyed. There was serious damage to the interior home. The structural integrity of the house is in question and inspectors from the city’s Building and Safety Department was do a damage assessment. Damage is estimated at $300,000.


A house fire in the northwest valley injured three firefighters and caused substantial damages Sunday afternoon, the Las Vegas Fire Department said.

None of the injuries is considered life-threatening, Fire Department spokesman Tim Szymanski said.

Just after 5 p.m., a barbecue grill left unattended exploded at 8649 Castle Hill Ave., Szymanski said. A window blew out, and flames coursed through the home, reaching the attic.

As firefighters worked to control the fire, the home’s roof collapsed, Szymanski said. One firefighter fell and hurt his back and possibly also his head. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Another firefighter broke a tooth, and another suffered from a hand injury treated on scene, Szymanski said.

The one person living in the home was not injured, the Fire Department said. She will stay with friends and will not need assistance from the American Red Cross.

The fire caused $300,000 in damages. The Fire Department has ruled the fire accidental but has not determined its precise cause. The northwest valley fire is the second this summer involving a barbecue grill under an overhang, Szymanski said. He recommends placing grills at least 10 feet from the house as a precaution

Electrician Steve Simpson, 53, with Patriot Electric was found dead, crushed by the elevator, inside the Extell's 52-story new development tower 555 Tenth Avenue

Electrician Steve Simpson, 53, with Patriot Electric was found dead, crushed by the elevator, inside the 52-story new development tower 555 Tenth Avenue.  Here with his wife

UPDATED, Monday, July 24 at 4:13 p.m.

An electrician was found dead inside the 52-story new development tower 555 Tenth Avenue on Sunday.

Steve Simpson, 53, was pronounced dead at the scene when authorities found him around 7:15 a.m. wedged between an elevator car and the shaft, the New York Post reported.

Police sources told the Post that Simpson was working in the elevator when the power was shut off, and died of asphyxiation when he tried to climb out of the elevator through the opening.

Simpson was working on the fifth floor, a commercial condo owned by Success Academy charter school, the Post reported. Success paid the building’s developer Extell Development $68 million to buy the space in December. Simpson, a native of Jamaica and a U.S. Army veteran, worked for Patriot Electric.

The 52-story project features 478 luxury rental units and 30,000 square feet of amenities, including a rooftop pool.

The city’s Department of Buildings issued a cease-use order on the elevator. Authorities are still investigating the incident.

In response to a recent uptick in construction injuries and deaths, the city is proposing a requirement that workers be trained between 54 and 71 hours.

Officials earlier this month closed down a block on West 58th Street after a ramp fell from Extell’s Central Park Tower construction site. [NYP] – Rich Bockmann.


An electrician working in a Hell’s Kitchen high-rise dangled lifelessly for hours in an elevator shaft before a security guard found him dead early Sunday morning, police sources said.

Stephen Simpson, 53, had finished up his shift at about 3 p.m. on Saturday at a condominium tower under construction at W. 41st St. and Tenth Ave., when he told his co-workers he had to go back inside and retrieve some personal effects, sources.

That was the last time anyone saw him alive.

Stephen Simpson, 53, and his wife Crystal Simpson, 33, from their wedding 10 years ago. (Courtesy of Simpson Family)

His wife, Crystal Simpson, 33, said she called his cell phone repeatedly, but he wasn’t picking up. He was supposed to take his son Shane bowling for his ninth birthday.

A security guard found Simpson, his head and shoulders trapped between the elevator floor and the door frame on the fifth floor, at about 7 a.m. Sunday, police sources said.

Investigators believe he was riding the elevator when the building’s power shut off, and he pried the doors open manually to get out, sources said. As he climbed out, the elevator lurched upward, crushing him.

Authorities couldn’t say if he died immediately, but he had been dead for some time when the guard found his body. The city medical examiner’s office will determine his cause of death.

A construction worker was found wedged in a elevator shaft in a building on W. 41st St. and 10th Ave. (Norman Y. Lono for New York Daily News)

Simpson, a native of Jamaica who served in the U.S. Army, worked for Patriot Electric. He had planned to buy his son a bicycle for his birthday.
“He loved our son to death and he'd get him anything, he'd do anything for him," Crystal Simpson said. "We were going to go to the store have him pick out a bike for himself and he just never came."

7-alarm fire inside Bruno's Pizzeria destroys several adjacent business buildings, damages apartments in Passaic, New Jersey

7-alarm fire rips through row of businesses in Passaic

PASSAIC, New Jersey (WABC) -- Utility workers began digging to shore up their lines, because crews were headed to the burned out units to begin removing debris after a huge fire in New Jersey.

The fire broke out at 10:00 p.m. Sunday inside Bruno's Pizzeria in Passaic and spread to at least seven stores and damaged two rear apartments.

The fire along a row of stores on Main Avenue went to seven alarms. Help from across region responded.

"From Carlstadt, Wallington, Paterson, 100 firefighters throughout the night," said Hector Lora, Mayor of Passaic.

It began at night when all the stores, even the pizza shop where it started, were closed.

Fellow store owners have been assessing the damage.

Thanks to firefighters, stores like a clothing shop along the row suffered just minor damage.

"We have water and smoke damage, waiting for insurance company," said Brandon Ra, a store supervisor.

They've got to figure out the cause and figure out if these buildings are structurally sound.

The city is grateful that with such a huge fire they are not counting devastating losses.

"Our number one priority is life. We did immediate evacuations. There were two firefighters hurt and we ask for people's prayers and support," Lora said.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.



A fire Sunday night ripped through multiple businesses in Passaic, destroying several of them, officials said.

The blaze is believed to have started inside Bruno’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, located on Main Street between Washington Place and Jefferson Street, around 9:40 p.m.

Officials said more than 100 firefighters were needed to bring the flames under control. News 12 New Jersey learned that a couple of firefighters were reportedly treated for heat exhaustion.

At least eight businesses, including Bruno’s, were either damaged or destroyed in the fire, officials said.

Edwardo Ordonez, the pizzeria’s owner, said he closed up shop at 8 p.m. and went home.

“Before I leave, I check [that] everything is out. Everything was off. Lights were off. Air conditioner was off,” he told News 12.

Less than two hours later, he got a call that his building was on fire.

“I lost everything,” Ordonez said.

He said he has no insurance to help cover the extensive damage.

In addition to the businesses, a couple apartments suffered water and smoke damage, officials said. Everyone inside escaped unharmed.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known and is under investigation. Restaurant fires are very common, if the exhaust hoods and other equipment are not properly maintained. Grease fire sounds familiar?

Angelika (a.ka. the devil) Graswald pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in her fiance's Vincent Viafore's kayak death

GOSHEN, New York (WABC) -- Angelika Graswald pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide in her fiance's kayak death back in April 2015.

Graswald admits that she knew the drain plug was out and the ring was not on the paddle of Vincent Viafore's kayak in April 2015.

She also admitted to knowing that the weather would be dangerous, knew he was drinking, and also that he was not wearing gear and that caused a risk of death that she failed to perceive.

A Cornwall police officer had testified that she appeared calm and emotionless after she was rescued.

Graswald has earlier denied murder and manslaughter charges and her lawyer has argued that Viafore died accidentally after having had a few beers and falling into the cold water.

The drowning death was ruled a homicide by a medical examiner who wrote in an autopsy report obtained by The New York Times that Viafore's death was the result of a "kayak drain plug intentionally removed by other."

Defense attorney Richard Portale told the newspaper the medical examiner's ruling was ill-informed and lacked medical evidence.

Graswald told ABC News in an interview broadcast in November that she loved Viafore and wouldn't have done anything to kill him. She said she's a good person, not a killer.

Photos from the case of Angelika Graswald, accused of tampering with his fiance's kayak, killing him.

Graswald faces one to four years behind bars when she is sentenced on November 1st.


THE accused killer kayaker Angelika Graswald is living it up in a New York slammer, boasting about how tasty the jail food is and laughing it up with visiting pals.

Missing ... Vincent Viafore, pictured with financee Angelika Graswald, was reported missing after his kayak overturned on the Hudson River in New York earlier this month. She has been charged with his murder. Picture: Sources at the Orange County Jail in Goshen, New York said Angelika Graswald is in great spirits despite losing her fiance, spending two weeks in the clink and a facing a murder trial, reported the New York Post.

“She doesn’t look like she’s mourning the death of someone she loved. To me, she’s not well up there [mentally]. She doesn’t look upset at all,” said a woman who has seen Graswald, 35, several times while visiting another inmate.

Graswald, who was charged with second- ­degree murder after her fiance mysteriously disappeared in the Hudson River when his kayak flipped, laughs and chats loudly with visitors who see her every day at the jail, where she is being held on US$3 million ($3.72 million) bail.

Graswald even wished all visiting mums a happy Mother’s Day last week, the woman said.

On one visit, Graswald was overheard excitedly talking about the jail’s mouth-watering dinner menu that evening.

“She’s laughing and I’ll hear her say, ‘Oh, today we’re eating chicken!’ She’s always happy and cheerful,” the source said.

Graswald, a Latvian expatriate, was kayaking with her fiance, Vincent Viafore, 46, April 18 on the way back from visiting historic Bannerman Island when his boat capsized. His body has not been found.

Happy in jail ... accused killer Angelika Graswald appears to be enjoying life behind bars. Picture: Allyse Pulliam/Times Herald-Record via AP.Source:AP

Graswald was arrested for murder 10 days later after giving police conflicting statements about the incident.

But she became the focus of scrutiny even before her arrest, when her whimsical Facebook posts showed cheerful recordings of her cat and animals at the sanctuary where she volunteered.

At a bail hearing on Wednesday, a prosecutor said that she had told police she had tampered with her fiancé’s kayak and that she “felt good knowing he was going to die”.

She reportedly stood to benefit from Viafore’s $250,000 life-insurance policy.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.

NOWHERE SAFE IN WARE, MASS.: Property owner, Stephen M. Peters, 62, of Hardwick, crushed to death by an out of control garbage truck on his own property in Ware, Mass.

 Around 9:30 A.M., the driver of a garbage truck lost control of the vehicle, striking Peters, who was doing yard work at the time.


One person is dead following a crash Thursday morning in Ware.

Mary Carey, spokesperson for the Northwestern District Attorney's office, said that one man died after he was struck by a garbage truck around 9:30 a.m. on Church Street.

Carey added that the victim, whose name has not been released, was working in his yard when the truck driver lost control of the vehicle.

That trash truck came to a stop on a lawn, was heavily damaged, and also hit a telephone pole.

That pole is down and National Grid is on-scene to cut the power so emergency crews can work.

Neighbors told Western Mass News that the accident was a terrifying experience. With limited amounts of information following the tragedy, residents said they were scared.

"We were coming to work this morning when we saw what was going on and then we heard all different stories. So that makes it even worse that you don't know what's happening you don't know if you might know the people," said Sue Buban.

Church Street is currently closed near Pleasant Street. Motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible.

Western Mass News has reached out to Leboeuf Rubbish who owns the truck that crashed about the incident and they had no comment.

The driver of the truck was taken to Baystate Mary Lane Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Carey noted that the crash remains under investigation by Ware Police, troopers assigned to the D.A.'s office, the Mass. State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, and the State Police Crime Scene Services.



The victim in a fatal crash in Ware Thursday was a longtime school psychologist at Shepherd Hill Regional High School in Dudley.

Stephen M. Peters, 62, of Hardwick, was identified Friday by the Northwestern district attorney’s office as the man who was struck and killed by a garbage truck around 9:30 a.m. Thursday on Church Street. The district attorney’s office said he was working in the yard of a house he co-owns in Ware to prepare it for new tenants when the garbage truck driver lost control of the vehicle. The driver was taken to Mary Lane Hospital in Ware for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

The cause of the crash remains under investigation.

Mr. Peters was school psychologist at Shepherd Hill for 27 years, according to Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Superintendent Gregg Desto. Mr. Desto said in an email Friday night that Mr. Peters was one of the truly good people in the district and the education business overall.

“He was all about the kids,” Mr. Desto said. “A steady hand with so many kids who counted on him to help them succeed.”

Mr. Desto said Mr. Peters was an “unbelievable support and resource” for staff; he was knowledgeable and never too busy to sit down with a colleague to offer support.

“We will miss him terribly,” Mr. Desto said. “Our world needs more people like Steve Peters.”


Man doing yard work killed when garbage truck runs off road

July 21, 2017

WARE, Mass. (AP) — Authorities say a Massachusetts man was doing yard work when the driver of a garbage truck lost control of the vehicle, striking and killing him.

The district attorney’s office has identified 62-year-old Stephen F. Peters of Hardwick as the man killed in Thursday morning’s accident in Ware.

The truck went off the side of the road and also struck and knocked down a utility pole.

The driver has not been identified, but was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Local and state police are investigating.


WARE, MASS. - The man killed Thursday when struck by an out-of-control trash truck has been identified as Stephen F. Peters, 62, of Hardwick, according to the Northwestern District Attorney's Office.

He was struck at about 9:30 a.m. on Church Street.

The trash truck went off the road and struck Peters.

Photos from the scene show the truck off the side of the road and on an embankment. An electrical pole was also knocked down.

Ware police, Massachusetts State Police assigned to the Northwestern District Attorney's Office, the state police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section, the state police Crime Scene Services and the state police commercial Vehicle Enforcement System are investigating.

7 injured, 1 serious, after a Yamaha Wave Runner driven by by 17-year-old Clayton Hertel collided with the starboard side of a 1995 Regal boat in the Lick Creek Cove in Camden County, MO

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. (AP) - Authorities say one person has been flown to a hospital in serious condition and six others were hurt after a personal watercraft collided with a boat on the Lake of the Ozarks.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol says a 17-year-old was driving the Yamaha Wave Runner when it collided with the starboard side of the boat Sunday afternoon in the Lick Creek Cove in Camden County. The driver of the personal watercraft wasn't hurt, but seven people aboard the boat were.

Besides the person flown from the scene, one person suffered moderate injuries. The patrol says five other people had minor injuries.


LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — A boat was capsized and seven people were injured in a collision with a PWC on Sunday afternoon.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 45-year-old Shad Poore, of Independence, Mo., was driving a 1995 Regal around the 66 Mile Marker, just after noon on Sunday, July 23. Poore was banking the boat hard to one side, according to a person familiar with the incident, and a PWC driven by 17-year-old Clayton Hertel slammed into the boat’s starboard side. The collision pushed the boat completely over, capsizing it.

The Patrol reported no injuries for Hertel, but seven people aboard the Regal sustained injuries.
  • 22-year-old Zachary Brewer had serious injuries and was flown by Staff for Life helicopter to University Hospital for treatment.
  • 23-year-old Jordan Poore sustained moderate injuries and was taken by ambulance to Lake Regional Hospital
  • 45-year-old Shad Poore had minor injuries and was taken to the hospital by private conveyance
  • 22-year-old Breana Aranda, of Kansas City, Mo.; 43-year-old Lisa Chacon, of Kansas City, Mo.; 25-year-old Shute Ligi, of Independence, Mo.; and 48-year-old Shelly Poore, of Independence, Mo. all sustained minor injuries and declined treatment, according to the Patrol.

DRUNK MINNESOTAN BRIAN DEROCHE, 50, CRASHES BOAT, KILLS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ANN DELANGHE, 54: night-time operation, speed and alcohol are all believed to be factors in the boat collison with the dock on Dinham Lake in Ellsberg Township, MN that killed 54-year-old Ann Marie Delanghe of Burnsville

Ann Marie Delanghe, dead at 54 in boat crash in MN
Ann and Ernest DeLanghe (center) and their two children

Ann and Ernest DeLanghe (center) and their two children

Ann and Ernest DeLanghe.  What a beauty that was lost.

The boat’s operator, Brian DeRoche, 50, of Duluth

The boat’s operator, Brian DeRoche, 50, of Duluth

Speed and alcohol use by the boat’s operator, Brian DeRoche, 50, of Duluth, were factors in the nighttime crash Saturday on Dinham Lake

COTTON, Minn. - A Burnsville woman is dead after a boat crash near Cotton in northern Minnesota.

The St. Louis County Sheriff's Office says the crash happened on Dinham Lake in Ellsberg Township at 11:16 p.m. Saturday. Dinham Lake is a few miles from Cotton, and about 40 miles north of Duluth.

Authorities say a boat with four people on board struck a dock and a boat lift. One person was thrown into the water and rescued by people on shore. That person was brought to Essentia St. Mary's in Duluth with life-threatening injuries.

Two other occupants were injured and brought to Essentia Virginia Regional Medical Center. The fourth occupant refused medical transport.

The sheriff's office reported on Sunday evening that one of the injured parties, 54-year-old Ann Marie DeLanghe of Burnsville, had died from her injuries.

The driver is being investigated for criminal vehicular homicide. The sheriff's office says night-time operation, speed and alcohol are all believed to be factors in the crash.

Here is some info on the now dead Ann Marie DeLanghe, taken from her Facebook pages:

Studied at University of St. Thomas
Went to Rosemount High School
Lives in Burnsville, Minnesota
Married to Ernest DeLanghe


July 23, 2017 06:53 PM

A boat carrying four people crashed into a dock and boat lift shortly after 11 p.m. Saturday night on Dinham Lake.

St. Louis County Sheriff Deputies arrived on the scene and multiple injuries were reported. Ernest Delange, Brian Deroche, and Cindy Deroche sustained injuries.

54-year-old Ann Marie Delanghe was thrown from the boat into the water. She was rescued by witnesses on shore and taken to Essentia St. Mary's Hospital where she later died.

Two other people on the boat were taken to Essentia Virginia Regional Medical Center with unknown injuries. The fourth person refused medical transport. The cause of the crash is still under investigation by the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, but it is believed that alcohol, speed, and boating at night were all factors.



Burnsville woman dies of injuries in boat crash in N. Minn.

A boat with four passengers rammed a dock and a lift on an Iron Range lake, killing a Burnsville woman and injuring three others, authorities said Sunday.
By Paul Walsh Star Tribune
July 24, 2017 — 7:16am

A boat with four passengers rammed a dock and a lift on an Iron Range lake, killing a Burnsville woman and injuring three others, authorities said Sunday.

Ann Marie DeLanghe, 54, was pitched into the water, the Sheriff’s Office said, and several people on shore helped retrieve her. She was taken to a Duluth hospital in critical condition and later died from her injuries.

Speed and alcohol use by the boat’s operator, Brian DeRoche, 50, of Duluth, were factors in the nighttime crash Saturday on Dinham Lake, 20 miles south of Eveleth, according to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office.

DeRoche is being investigated for criminal vehicular homicide, a release from the sheriff’s office said.

Ernest DeLanghe, 57, of Burnsville, and Cindy De­Roche, 45, of Duluth, were also on the boat.

RIDING ATV IN LITTLE ROCK CITY LIMITS IS ILLEGAL AND DANGEROUS: a 17-year-old , who was hit while riding an ATV without lights and without helmet is now in critical condition after he was struck by an SUV

LITTLE ROCK, AR (KATV) — Little Rock police are investigating a crash involving an ATV and an SUV.

A 17-year-old male was driving the ATV on 51st and Mabelvale Pike in Little Rock when he turned in front of an oncoming vehicle, according to Little Rock police.

Police say the teenager did not have on his lights and was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident.

The driver of the ATV was taken to UAMS and is in critical condition. The driver of the SUV was unharmed.

This teen must have had a death wish.  Riding an ATV at night and no lights and no helmet looks suicidal to us.



LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Authorities are saying a 17-year-old , who was hit while riding an ATV is now in critical condition.  

The collision left the teenager with a severe head injury (although he was pretty brain-dead before the crash;  who, in the right mind, would ride ATV illegally, without lights on and without helmet?).

The call went out just after 9 p.m. to the 5000 block of Mabelvale Pike near 51st Street.

There, authorities found a vehicle had collided with a four-wheeler.

At this time, police are not releasing any more information.

Officials remind the public that riding an ATV in city limits is illegal. 


Teen ATV driver injured in the head in collision with SUV in Little Rock, AR


By Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

A teenage boy was critically injured in a two-vehicle crash Friday night in Little Rock, police reported.

Police Department spokesman officer Steve Moore said a 17-year-old boy was riding an all-terrain vehicle at Mabelvale Pike and 51st Street when he turned in front of an SUV about 10 p.m.

The collision left the teenager with a severe head injury, Moore said. The boy was taken to UAMS Medical Center in Little Rock in critical condition. He remained hospitalized Saturday. No other injuries were reported.

Moore said the teen was not wearing a helmet and was riding the ATV without its lights on.

Police had not identified him Saturday.


(a)     It shall be unlawful for any person to operate an all- terrain vehicle upon the public streets and highways of this state, notwithstanding the fact that the vehicle may otherwise meet the equipment standards as set forth in § 27-20-104, except under the following conditions and circumstances:

(1)  An all-terrain vehicle may be operated upon the public streets and highways where the vehicle is used in farming or hunting operations and must be operated on the public streets and highways in order to get from one (1) field to another;

(2)  An all-terrain vehicle may be operated upon the public streets or highways if the vehicle needs to make a direct crossing of the street or highway to get from one (1) area to another and if the vehicle comes to a complete stop, yields the right-of-way to all oncoming traffic that constitutes an immediate hazard, and crosses the street or highway at an angle of approximately ninety degrees (90ø) to the direction of the street or highway. In crossing divided highways, the
crossing may only be made at an intersection of the highway with another public street or
highway. In crossings made between the hours from one- half (1/2) hour after sunset to one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise or in conditions of reduced visibility, the crossing may only be made
with both front and rear lights turned on;

(a)(1) A person twelve (12) years of age or older shall be entitled to operate an all-terrain vehicle in this state if the use is in compliance with all other provisions of this chapter.
(2) A person less than twelve (12) years of age shall be entitled to operate an all-terrain vehicle in this state only if he or she is under the direct supervision of a person who is at least eighteen (18) years of age or if he or she is on land owned by, leased, rented, or under the direct control of his or her parent or legal guardian, or if he or she is on land with the permission of the owner.

(b)     A person shall not operate an all- terrain vehicle in this state:
(1)   At a rate of speed greater than is reasonable and proper under the conditions then

(2) During the hours from one- half (1/2) hour after sunset to one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise
without displaying a lighted headlight and a lighted taillight.