Friday, October 21, 2016

Massive fire at the Mattress Wholesale store in Detroit, MI completely destroys the building, forces evacuations

OCTOBER 21, 2016


A Detroit mattress store was destroyed early Friday in a fire that caused its roof to collapse and forced evacuations from nearby homes, according to the Detroit Fire Department.

The blaze ignited around 7 a.m. inside the Mattress Wholesale store at 4242 Eight Mile near Ryan, officials said.

“The building is about 100 feet by 150 feet, and the fire was through the roof when units first arrived,” Deputy Fire Commissioner Dave Fornell said. “They had to evacuate three nearby houses as a precaution, but (firefighters) protected the houses so they’re going to be OK.”

Eastbound Eight Mile was closed for a couple of blocks in front of the store, Fornell added. Westbound lanes remained open.

Fire crews from multiple communities continued fighting the fire after 8 a.m. Friday.

“They surrounded the fire and contained it,” Fornell said of firefighting efforts. “It’s still burning, but it’s not going to spread.”

Crews were unable to enter the building early Friday and instead took a “defensive” approach, fighting the flames from the outside.

“The roof collapsed. They can’t go in, it’s too dangerous,” Fornell said. “The store wasn’t opened, it was locked up and there’s no indication there was anyone inside.”

The building is a loss, Fornell said.

“It’s destroyed,” he said. “The roof is completely burned off the building.”