Thursday, September 22, 2016

Two New Jersey motorcycle police officers on a practice run -- one from Paramus and the other from Paterson -- injured after they crashed to each other in Oakland, NJ

 I guess these two will not be certified this time around.  But of course this is New Jersey, and everything goes.  Just look at the Edison, Trenton, Passaic County, etc police and sheriff departments.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

OAKLAND, N.J. -- Two motorcycle police officers on a practice run -- one from Paramus and the other from Paterson -- were involved in a crash Wednesday night in Oakland that left them with serious injuries that weren't considered life-threatening, multiple law enforcement sources told Daily Voice.

One had stopped traffic and the other crashed into him, they confirmed.

The officers -- one of whom responders said was taken to Hackensack University Medical Center and the other to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center -- were training for certification when the crash occurred on Route 202 at Court House Place, a law enforcement colleague told Daily Voice.

"They were both banged up pretty good," he said. "But they're gonna make it."

There were 20 students and an equal number of instructors, he said.

"First time I've ever heard of a training accident like that that I've ever heard in my career," the 20-year veteran said. "It was a freak training accident.

"They go in formation -- instructors on the left, students on the right," the officer said. "They go up [Route] 23 all the way up to Sussex County and then make their way back down.

"They do a dinner stop somewhere and then take [Route] 80 to 287, and then take that back to the [Bergen County Police] Academy in Mahwah," he said.

"It's a two-week class, 10 days. Most of the training takes place on the grounds of the police academy. Some of it takes place at Campgaw [Mountain].

"Last night [Tuesday] they were at MetLife Stadium doing night pursuit in the parking lot," the officer said. "Tonight was the long ride -- you have to stay in formation the entire time.

"Tomorrow [Thursday] is practice and Friday is the final exam," he told Daily Voice late Wednesday. "Whoever passes gets their wings and are certified by the Maryland State Police."