Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2 workers operating a crane critically injured when they were shocked after a crane hit the power lines in Seattle, WA

2 workers seriously injured in West Seattle construction accident

by KOMO Staff

Monday, September 26th 2016

SEATTLE, WA - Two construction workers were severely injured Monday morning when a crane hit a power line in West Seattle.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene, near 42nd Avenue Southwest and Southwest Oregon Street about 10:30 a.m. after receiving reports of a serious construction accident.

Both construction workers were rushed to Harborview Medical Center with severe burn injuries.

Both are in critical condition.

The work site was evacuated and shut down as investigators from the Department of Labor and Industries tried to find out what led to the mishap.

Several witnesses say they heard workers yelling, "whoa, whoa, whoa" before the crane hit the power lines.

Power was out during the day to some businesses as Seattle City Light crews waited for Labor and Industries to complete its investigation.

Some of the power lines are marked with flags to warn crane operators. But there no no flags on this line where the crane hit.

A City Light worker says flags are required and that they are the construction company's responsibility.

The construction company did not respond to requests for comment.


UPDATE: 2 workers in critical condition after crane touches wires at West Seattle construction site; power outage nearby

September 26, 2016 10:38 am


(UPDATED 2:48 PM with victims’ condition)

10:38 AM: Big SFD medical response for an incident at the 42nd and Oregon construction site. 2 workers are reported injured, and an electrical problem was involved. Avoid the area.

10:51 AM: Road closure update – SW Oregon is closed east of California.

Police tell us the incident involved some part of a crane reportedly making contact with the power line that runs north-south along the alley.

11:04 AM: SFD’s Lt. Harold Webb tells us one worker was taken to the hospital in critical condition, one in serious. They were on the ground near the crane when it happened. The crane operator is being evaluated to see if medical treatment is needed. (The helicopter overhead is TV.)

11:31 AM: As noted in comments, this has affected power to some others in the area. The Senior Center, just west of the construction site, has lost part of its power, we’re told. Seattle City Light was dispatched to the scene early on.

The project that is under way at the site, just north of one of the West Seattle Junction Association parking lots, is 4505 42nd SW, a seven-story mixed-use building with apartments, “lodging” units, and retail. Work has been under way at the site since June.

SIDE NOTE: Just last year, a similar type of mobile crane caught fire after touching wires during a residential project near 47th and Andover; no one was hurt.

11:57 AM: Just went back to the scene. SW Oregon is still closed between California and 42nd. Work was halted at the construction site immediately after the incident.

The aforementioned parking lot south of the construction site is open. No further word about the workers or their conditions; we’ll be checking with Harborview a bit later.

12:23 PM: More power outages nearby, particularly south of Oregon – the City Light map now reflects them.

2:48 PM: Harborview Medical Center tells us both men are in critical condition.

3:48 PM: As noted in a separate update, the businesses/residences that lost power nearby have just gotten it back.