Thursday, July 20, 2017

TEMP WORKERS DIE AT RECORD NUMBERS: Dalton Rodriguez, 26, electrocuted to death at EP Minerals' Celatom Plant in Vale, Oregon

VALE, Oregon -- A young worker was killed in an accident at a mining facility in eastern Oregon Friday.

According to the Malheur County Sheriff's Office, 26-year-old Dalton Rodriguez was working on the property of EP Minerals' plant in Vale when he was electrocuted.

Sheriff Brian Wolfe said Rodriguez was changing 30-foot hand aluminum pipes in handline sprinklers when one of the poles came in contact with an overhead power line, electrocuting him.

Rodriguez was taken by ambulance to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario, but did not survive.

Wolfe said Rodriguez was working for Idaho-based temp agency American Staffing, but could not confirm whether he had been contracted by EP Minerals. The company's Vale plant, located west of town on Graham Boulevard, mines diatomaceous earth.

The sheriff's office has concluded its investigation, and no charges have been filed against the company. 

Here is some info from Dalton's Facebook pages:

someone whos wanting to enjoy the lil things
  • Studied at Treasure Valley Community College
  • Went to Red Bluff Union High School
  • Lives in Vale, Oregon
  • Single
  • From Grants Pass, Oregon
  • Joined December 2016

The Celatom Plant in Vale, Oregon mines Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and has two DE calcining lines.

The City of Vale is a town rich with Eastern Oregon history. Incorporated as a town in 1889, the location was in use for many years previously, first by explorers then trappers and finally travelers and emigrants along the Oregon Trail. The hot springs made it a popular stopping location. It is in Malheur County, about 12 miles (19 km) west of the Idaho border.

Today, Vale is still a popular stopping place for travelers. Besides exploring the history of the Oregon Trail, there are many destinations for hunting (especially pheasants), fishing and camping.

Celatom Plant
2630 Graham Blvd.
Vale, OR 97918