Monday, July 17, 2017

DO NOT MESS WITH TEXAS: 2 men fleeing police killed in a fiery crash after their speeding pickup truck crashed into a concrete pillar and burst into flames.

HOUSTON, TEXAS - Two people were killed in a fiery crash early Sunday morning after leading police on a chase in north Houston, police said.

According to the Houston Police Department, an officer attempted to stop a pickup truck for traffic violations around 2 a.m. near I-45 and Crosstimbers Street.

Police said the driver of the pickup refused to stop resulting in a high speed chase on I-45 southbound to the North Loop eastbound. The chase ended when the driver attempted to exit for the feeder road and lost control at a sharp curve.

The pickup truck crashed into a concrete pillar and bursts into flames.

Police said the two men inside the vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. 

Two more drunks or drugged males reach their final destination.  They will not do that again!

Most drunk-related (or DUI in general) crashes occur in the early a.m. hours like this one.  These two morons, instead of stopping and getting their traffic tickets, they decided to take their one-way ticket to meet their Creator. What a waste. 


HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police said two men were killed when they crashed while leading officers in a chase near N. Loop East and Hardy Toll Road.

An officer tried to pull the truck over at about 1 a.m., but the driver sped off.

The high-speed chase went southbound on I-45, then east on the North Loop and exited Irvington. The driver lost control and crashed on Kelley Street, hitting a concrete pillar.

Police said the officer tried to save the men, but the truck was already engulfed in flames.

"They lost control and hit a concrete pillar. Officer immediately exited, tried to render aid and they tried to extinguish the vehicle but it was too involved in flames," said Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner.

The officer will be meeting with a doctor for psychological support, which is standard procedure for incidents like this.

"People think our jobs we are machines, but we're not," Finner explained. "We're human beings. We have families just like everybody else."


Two men are dead after a hit-and-run sparked a north Houston police chase that ended in a fiery wreck Sunday morning.

Officers were investigating a crash around 1 a.m. where one of the drivers fled without stopping to exchange information. Afterward, Houston police spotted a suspicious vehicle and tried to make a traffic stop near Crosstimbers and Airline.

Instead of pulling over, the truck sped away and sparked a high-speed pursuit, Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department told reporters at the scene.

The chase started southbound on Interstate 45 before turning east onto the North Loop. After the suspects exited Irvington, they sped through two red lights and then crashed into a concrete pillar in the 1700 block of Kelley.

The truck burst into flames, and officers initially tried to douse the blaze but it was too late. Both the driver and a male passenger died at the scene.

"I would like to speak to the human element of this accident," Finner said. "In speaking to the officer - he's a two-year veteran - good officer, very emotional. People think that with our jobs sometimes we're just machines, but we're not. We're human beings. We have families just like everybody else."