Thursday, July 6, 2017

62-year-old Albert Gomez hit an Orhtodox Jewish family along the shoulder of Route 59 in Monsey, where are no sidewalks, killing a 3-month old male in a stroller in Monsey, NY

Albert Gomez (NYPD)

Baby dies after driver crashes into mom and kids in Monsey

Wednesday, July 05, 2017 08:03PM
MONSEY, New York (WABC) -- A baby has died more than a week after a crash where a man struck his mother and two other siblings as they walked in Rockland County.

Police say 62-year-old Albert Gomez hit the family around 3 p.m. on Monday, June 26 while they were walking along the shoulder of Route 59 in Monsey, where are no sidewalks.

Police are investigating whether road rage was a factor after Gomez was possibly cut off by a taxi.

"Something happened in terms of speed that decreased the chances of the driver to take note of the family walking," said Yossi Gestetner, of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council. "And it increased the impact, which is why they're still in the hospital."

The pedestrians were only identified as a 38-year-old mother, her 13-year-old daughter, a 9-year-old daughter and a 3-month-old son in a stroller.

All of the injured were treated at the scene by Hatzolah Ambulance. The three females were transported to Westchester Medical Center, while the infant was rushed to Nyack Hospital before being transferred to Westchester Medical Center in critical condition. The baby died from his injuries on Wednesday, July 5th.

The accident has re-focused the spotlight on what residents have complained about for years, the lack of sidewalks along a busy commercial strip in a community that has seen a surge in population.

"Every time you cross, you think you might get caught by a car," area resident Frida Cohen said. "You have to think twice before you cross."

Route 59 is a state-owned road.

"I hope this is a wake-up call," State Senator David Carlucci said. "I'm going to be working with the Department of Transportation to figure out what is the best way forward."

In the wake of the crash, the state Department of Transportation announced immediate action to warn drivers along the Route 59 corridor to be aware of pedestrians, including installing additional warning signs and working with local police on enforcement and awareness. Officials added that long-term safety improvements -- including building additional sidewalks; upgrading pedestrian signals, crosswalks, and signing; and making access improvements -- are scheduled to begin in the coming months as part of the Lower Hudson Transit Link project.

Still, some motorists complain irresponsible pedestrians make a bad situation worse.

"If they would cross where they're supposed to cross and hold the kids' hands, you wouldn't have these issues," area resident Tzvi Weissmandel said. "Don't push the stroller, then look to see if a car is coming. It's horrible."

Gomez is charged with assault, reckless endangerment, and reckless driving. The charges against him could be upgraded. He is being held on $150,000 bail.

Police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to contact the Town of Ramapo Police at (845) 357-2400.


A 3-month-old boy and his 8-year-old and 13-year-old sisters were seriously hurt in the crash, as was their mother 

NBC New York Reports: A mother and her three children were seriously injured after they were struck by a car in a busy intersection in Rockland County on Monday afternoon, police said. 

One of the children, a 3-month-old infant, was in cardiac arrest after the crash near the intersection of Route 59 and Robert Pitt Drive in Monsey, sources told News 4 New York The young boy suffered traumatic injuries and was taken to Nyack Hospital by medevac. CPR was performed on him at the scene before he was taken away by helicopter, according to police and sources. 

Two other children — a 13-year-old girl and an 8-year-old girl — were also seriously injured in the crash, police said. The children’s mother was also among the victims. She and the two girls had serious injuries and were taken to Westchester County Medical Center, according to police. T

he mother was apparently pushing the infant across the busy intersection in a stroller when a vehicle crashed into them and the two girls just before 3 p.m. Part of the stroller was seen overturned at the side of the roadway shortly before 4 p.m., Chopper 4 video shows. 

Two sedans, including one involved in the crash, were parked several yards away from the stroller. It’s unclear how the crash unfolded. One of the sedans had front-end damage, including a broken windshield. 

There are no sidewalks along the roadway where the four pedestrians were hit. Aron Wieder, a member of the Rockland County Legislature, posted video of the scene to Twitter shortly after the acccident. “You see that carriage — that’s a carriage from a beautiful, little child who was just involved in a car accident,” Wieder says in the video. “[He] and [his] mother and [his] siblings were involved in a terrible accident.” 

Wieder told News 4 that he has been asking the state to do something about the lack of sidewalks in the area for years. “As recently as a month ago, I’d written to the state, and I told them, there are no sidewalks, not on this side of the road, not on this side of the road,” Wieder said, pointing to both sides of Route 59. 

“This is a busy intersection; you have the mall over here, you have shopping centers, cleaners — and they have ignored us,” he said. The driver stayed on the scene after the crash. No charges have been filed.