Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Chris Blakeley of Alpha Steel Erectors under investigation for the death of one of his workers in Marlboro, Massachusetts

The dead steel worker in Marlboro, Mass. was an employee  of
Alpha Steel Erectors, a Colorado Springs-based "company".  Upon some investigation, there is something very wrong about this "company".

The owner of Alpha Steel Erectors is listed as Chris Blakeley.  His facebook page lists the following about him:
There is also at least one ripoff report about Chris Blakeley and numerous complaints.

Chris Blakeley under fire

D C Steel Builders, unsafe, un-trained, and broke

This is the company listed in Chris Blakeley's facebook pages.  Apparently, after the company went belly up, he set up another company named Alpha Steel Erectors.  Something is smelling very bad here.

Christopher E Blakeley, DC Steel Builders Inca former mortgage banker decided to get into the steel erection business, so he went to work for a company in Florida, (united steel erectors) where he learned all the wrong things, he has no formal training only the hands on monkey see monkey do approch, just recently on 10-16-2010 he was contracted to erect a 20,000 square foot building located on:

The campus of the university of Wyoming, where he hired a highly experienced iron worker, for help, however his greed and need for money outweighed the advise and safety concerns and direction of the Supervisor he hired to help , because he did not have the experience and or equipment to proceed with the steel erection and totally ignored standard erection procedures he suffered a total collapse of the structure he was contracted to build, in my opinion, DC Steel Builders should be run out of the steel erection business until such time as Mr.christopher Blakeley , gains some formal education in the business.!!!! And some formal safety training.

Not only was DC Steel Builders responsible in whole for this accident, but could have caused the deaths of several of his employees , and it was all because of his poor financial situation and his greed!!!!!! , In addition to this he has turn his back on the basics of trust of a employer and employee relationship , and has not even paid his employees, so to anyone planning on or has received a quote from DC Steel builders.

The above facts should be weighed carefully before doing any business with Christopher Blakeley.

He is a snake oil sales man in my opinion and will say anything, so you are forewarned!!! And he should not be trusted , in my option, I will say this in his favor, he is a great salesman , but that’s it, and I believe he would be far better selling used cars , because I firmly believe this is where he’s talent lies
And leaving steel erection to the trained and safe contractors.!!!!