Friday, September 16, 2016

MOST DRUNKS KILL/KILLED IN THE EARLY AM HOURS: Another fiery and deadly wrong-way collision on Highway 225 EB at Allen Genoa Road in Texas

A major accident is causing major traffic delays on Highway 225 EB at Allen Genoa Road (KTRK)

Updated 17 mins ago
HARRIS COUNTY, TX (KTRK) -- A fiery wrong-way crash has all the lanes of Highway 225 shut down this morning.

The wreck happened just before 3am this morning near the Allen Genoa exit and our cameras captured exclusive video of this accident.

Raw video shows the fiery scene after a wrong-way wreck on Highway 225 at Allen Genoa

Eyewitness News photographer Jesus Amaya was on his way to work when he saw two cars on fire.

The crash was caused by a wrong way driver, police say.

The driver of a pickup truck was allegedly speeding westbound in the eastbound lanes of 225 when he slammed into a car traveling eastbound. Both vehicles burst into flames.

HPD says the female driver of the car died here on the interstate.

The driver of pickup truck, the man who police say caused the accident, survived and was taken from the scene in an ambulance.

We spoke to a man who saw the whole thing happen.

He says he saw the guy in the truck get on 225 the wrong way, tried to speed up to get that drivers attention, but he could not match the speed of the wrong way driver. He says he then watched as that truck hit a car head on.

"Called 911, came over and immediately tried to get him out of the truck and see if any one was in the car, but no one was in the car, they were under the car, so that's not something that you want to see happen," witness Michael Morrow says. "It's a very eerie feeling."

The force of the impact sent the victims car out of the east bound lanes and into the west bound lanes.

Right now all lanes of 225 are shut down near the Allen Genoa is exit.