Thursday, September 29, 2016

2 firefighters injured after a Meridian, OK fire engine rolled over near Highway 105 between Choctaw Road and Indian Meridian Road in Oklahoma

Fire engine rolls over responding to house fire

By Guthrie News Page 

on September 28, 2016
Two firefighters were ejected from a brand new fire engine early Wednesday morning as they responded to a fire.

Emergency crews responded to a house fire in Coyle just after 1 a.m. As a police officer from Langston University arrived to the front of the house it was fully involved. The fire also extended to a nearby vehicle.

The officer was able to remove four people from the home.

Fire departments across the county responded, including Coyle, Meridian and Guthrie.

While en route to the fire, a Meridian fire engine rolled over near Highway 105 between Choctaw Road and Indian Meridian Road.
A medical helicopter was launched, but was later stood down as the highway was shut down for several minutes.

Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow says one firefighter was transported to Mercy Hospital in Oklahoma City and another to Mercy Hospital Logan County.

Both were conscious and alert, but one firefighter may have suffered a broken shoulder in the wreck.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has been contacted about the fire as arson may be the case. Fire crews have responded to the home on several occasions.


Oklahoma firefighters injured in accident involving fire truck
Posted 11:34 am, September 28, 2016, by KFOR-TV & K. Querry

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. – Two firefighters were injured early Wednesday morning when the fire engine they were riding in rolled over on an Oklahoma highway.

Just after 1 a.m., firefighters were called to a house fire in Coyle after a police officer noticed the flames and called for help.

The Guthrie News Page reports that the officer was able to get four people out of the home, but had no way of fighting the blaze.

While heading to the fire, the newspaper reports that a Meridian fire engine rolled over near Hwy 105 between Choctaw and Indian Meridian Rd.

Two firefighters were ejected in the crash and had to be rushed to nearby hospitals. Fortunately, they were awake and alert.

Now, investigators are looking into the blaze to determine whether the fire was started intentionally.