Wednesday, July 5, 2017

2 CPD officers and a citizen injured after the police SUV cruiser was driving at a high rate of speed down the wrong way of a one way street when it crashed into a Toyota sedan in Chicago, IL

Two Chicago police officers and one other driver were injured in a crash on the city's South side on Tuesday.

The crash happened at 68th Street and Racine Avenue in the Englewood neighborhood.

Witnesses say the officers may have been going the wrong way on a one way street.

The front end of the police SUV was crushed inward-- the airbags in it, and the blue Camry deployed, then deflated.

"It was like a Big Bang, hear sound of airbags going off," said witness Ebony Lewis.

The police cruiser, witnesses say, was leaving a scene just a block away.

"No sirens, nothing. I just knew it was going to be accident, here comes this blue car... I saw it coming before it even happened," said witness Cookie Jones.

The impact of the collision, witnesses say, sent both cars spinning in the intersection of 68th and Racine

"Cop car going east on a one way street going west. The blue car was going north," said Jones.

"The driver was looking this way, not paying attention, hit blue car head on," said Lewis

Witnesses say the man behind the wheel of the blue Toyota Camry was an Uber driver.

"It was an Uber driver. He said he was doing Uber Pool," said Jones.

More officers swarmed the accident nearly immediately, according to witnesses. Witnesses also say a female officer jumped out of the passenger side of the police car.

"The driver of the cop car was unable to talk, he was laying on the ground," said Jones.

Ambulances raced three people, including two officers from the Englewood intersection. The banged up cars stayed in the exact spot they'd stopped after the sudden crash.

The officers were taken to Northwestern Hospital for treatment. Police say the driver of the Toyota Camry was taken to another hospital and was expected to be ok.

The accident is still under investigation.


CHICAGO, IL – Two police officers and a driver of a second car were taken to the hospital after they were injured in a car crash.

The crash happened at 67th and Racine around 7 p.m.

Witnesses say the police SUV cruiser was driving at a high rate of speed down the wrong way of a one way street when it crashed into a Toyota sedan. The Toyota had an Uber sticker on the windshield.

The officers, one male and one female, were taken to the hospital. They are in good condition.

The driver was also taken to the hospital and is reportedly doing ok as well.