Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FIREFIGHTERS ARE THE TRUE HEROES, RISKING EVERY DAY THEIR LIVES: Firefighter Jeffery Sanders, 55, killed, and Jacob Hayward, 33, critically injured when a driver of a Ford struck another vehicle that was stopped in the roadway from behind in Missouri


55-year-old Firefighter Jeffery Sanders was killed, and a 2nd Firefighter, Jacob Hayward, 33, (Mayview, MO) was airlifted to Research Medical Center in Kansas City just after 1800 last night. Firefighter Hayward is reported to be in critical condition.

A driver of a Ford struck another vehicle that was stopped in the roadway from behind, which then struck a third vehicle that was also stopped. Both Firefighters were struck and caught underneath that third vehicle as it was sent down an embankment.

They were operating at the scene of a fire and their apparatus was reportedly pulled off the road. More to follow.



Mayview firefighter killed, another seriously injured in crash at fire scene

By Robert A. Cronkleton

A firefighter with the Mayview, Mo., Fire Protection District was killed and a second firefighter was seriously injured in a crash while at the scene of a fire Monday.

Jeffery M. Sanders, 55, died at the scene and Jacob J. Hayward, 33, was flown to a Kansas City hospital, according to the Missouri Highway Patrol.

The three-vehicle crash happened about 6 p.m. south of Mayview along Route E in Lafayette County while Sanders and Hayward were outside of their vehicle. Mayview is 45 miles east of Kansas City.

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MAYVIEW, Mo. -- People in the tiny town of Mayview are mourning the death of one of their volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty Monday.

Mayview is about 45 miles east of Kansas City in Lafayette County.

With only about 200 people, it seems every one knows everybody here. And the loss of a man who volunteered to help his community is hitting folks hard.

Jeffrey Sanders and his grandson (Image courtesy of Sanders' family).

Jeffery Sanders, 55, and Jacob Hayward, 33, responded to a tree limb on fire along state Highway E at about 6 p.m. Monday.

Townspeople tell me they believe a broken power line may have started the fire.

As the two finished putting out the blaze and were wrapping up their gear, their fire truck blocked the southbound lane of the highway.

Another driver slowed to stop and wait for the firefighters. But a third vehicle did not, hitting the second car and pushing it into the fire truck.

The fire truck rolled down a steep embankment trapping the two firefighters underneath the rig and killing Sanders. Hayward suffered serious injuries and is in the intensive care unit at Research Medical Center fighting for his life.

"It’s very thick in the air," said Audrey Nelson, whose son is also a volunteer firefighter in Mayview. "You know the whole town has a different, I didn’t even have to step out of my house this morning yet and I could tell the difference in the air. It’s heavy. It’s going to be rough but I think the town pulls together and tries to help the family the most that they can. I’m sure they will because that’s the way Mayview is."

Even when he wasn't volunteering as a firefighter, Nelson says Sanders was someone folks could count on, always stopping to help a neighbor in this rural area. His family declined to speak with FOX 4 on camera, but many in town say they're working to help the family through this trying time.

The Missouri Fire Services Funeral Assistance Team also says it will help the Mayview Fire Protection District make arrangements for a first-responder killed while serving others.