Monday, May 1, 2017

Wrong-way driver slams his car into a gasoline tanker truck head-on on on I-75 in Dayton, Ohio causing massive explosion and fire


A crash involving a tanker has closed parts of Interstate 75 near Main Street in Dayton.


According to WDTN, the crash happened around 4:50 p.m Sunday. A large cloud of smoke can be seen for miles.

Dispatch said that a car driving the wrong way collided with the tanker causing the car to catch fire.

Authorities told WDTN that one person died in the crash.

Hazmat was called to the scene.

All northbound and southbound lanes were closed for hours. The northbound side opened up around 10 p.m.

Dayton Police said southbound lanes will remain closed until further notice.


DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Traffic will be impacted by the fiery crash Sunday on I-75 through Sunday night and into Monday.

ODOT says the ramp from Main Street to I-75 South will be closed through Monday. The ramp from State Route 4 South to I-75 South will be closed through Monday as well.

Two lanes of I-75 southbound reopened early on Monday morning. The left lanes at the scene of the crash remain closed. All northbound lanes of I-75 have reopened.

Contractors will be out overnight looking at the pavement and will need to remove any destroyed portions — then remark the road.

One person is dead after a car–driving the wrong way on southbound I-75–crashed into a gasoline tanker triggering a massive explosion that caused lanes in both directions to be shutdown for several hours.

We spoke with a man who was on scene right away. He said him and another driver tried to rescue the driver in the car, but said the flames and smoke were too powerful and he was worried of another possible explosion.

A massive fireball was seen filling the sky on I-75 in downtown Dayton.

“I knew it was bad,” witness Victoria McNeal said. “Especially, when you heard the explosions.”

That’s where a car driving the wrong way on Southbound I-75 crashed into a gasoline tanker, triggering a massive explosion. The driver of the car died in the crash, the semi-truck driver escaped with minor injuries.

Large clouds of black smoke were seen filling the air, some smoke even billowing out of storm drains nearby. McNeal says she couldn’t believe what she was watching.

“I prayed,” McNeal said. “That no one was hurt badly.”

First responders, including hazmat crews, rushed to scene just after 4:30 Sunday afternoon.

“We had quite a large scene,” Dayton Police Lt. Mark Ponichtera said. “Large explosions going on right now. Fire had to let that burn out before they were able to put foam on that.”

Both north and south bound lanes were shut down, allowing O-DOT crews to check for any damage to the interstate.

“The Department of Transportation is on-scene and they are going to make an assessment of the freeway to make sure it’s structurally sound,” Lt. Ponichtera said. “And they have representatives on-site to begin their repairs so we are able to conduct our accidents investigation and at this moment we are not able to begin to do that.” The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office has yet to release the identity of the driver