Tuesday, May 23, 2017

U.S. Steel contractor from Mid-American Group killed after a crane collapsed at the Ecorse plant in Michigan

ECORSE, Mich (WJBK) - FOX 2 has learned from multiple sources that a worker at U.S. Steel was killed during a work-related accident.

Officials are not giving many details about the incident.

The accident involved a crane collapsing happened sometime between Sunday and Monday at the U.S. Steel plant in Ecorse.

by Taboola

A representative from U.S. Steel disclosed very little information in a voicemail to our Fox 2 crew:

"The incident involved a contractor from Mid-American group.", said Meghan Cox, U.S. Steel.

Initially, both Mid-American Group based out of Newport, Michigan and Ecorse police refused to comment on the matter. Ecorse police have now confirmed that a worker was fatally injured at the plant.

The worker is 32-years-old and from Cleveland, Ohio.

The State of Michigan has released the following statement regarding the investigation.

"MIOSHA has responded to this incident but can not provide information on an open investigation. Typically, this type of investigation may take several weeks or months to complete.", Michael J. Loepp, MIOSHA

According to U.S. Steel's website the company has been making steel for more than a century.

Furthermore, the website says the term "Safety First" was coined by U.S. Steel in 1912.