Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Officer Matthew Tarentino was killed when a car from the westbound lanes crossed the median into oncoming traffic and hit Tarentino's car on the eastbound side of Interstate 78 in Bernards Township in New Jersey

NEW JERSEY (FOX 5 NY) - A New Jersey police officer on his way to work was killed in a three-car collision on Interstate 78 Tuesday morning.

The Summit Police Department identified the officer as Matthew Tarentino, 29. He is a married father of two and was expecting a third child with his wife, according to NJ.com.

Tarentino was reportedly driving eastbound when a car from the westbound lanes crossed the median into oncoming traffic and hit Tarentino's car and another vehicle.

The Summit Police Department announced the officer's death on Facebook:

"With great sadness, the City of Summit Police Department announces the death of Police Officer Matthew Tarentino at 6:20AM this morning in a multi-vehicle car crash on Interstate 78 in Bernards, Additional information will be provided by the New Jersey State Police and the City of Summit as it becomes available."

All lanes were closed after the crash scene at mile marker 33 for a police investigation.

There were no other injuries in the multi-vehicle crash.
BERNARDS TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- Authorities say a police officer on his way to work has been killed in a three-car crash in New Jersey.

State police said the accident occurred on the eastbound side of Interstate 78 in Bernards Township around 6:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Summit police said that Officer Matthew Tarentino was killed in the crash. He was set to attend a drug abuse education graduation program for fifth grade students later Tuesday.

The 29-year-old is survived by a wife and two children. His wife is pregnant with their third child.


Despite the improvements in road safety, the United States has one of the highest death rates at about 1 person dead per 10,000 people. Unfortunately, only undeveloped countries have higher death rate.

Some states, such as Texas and West Virginia (sorry, WV, despite your tremendous progress in traffic safety, you are still at the top of the worst-death-rate list) have death rates of nearly 1.5 percent, i.e., fifty percent more people die compared to the national death rate.

Approximately 34,000 people are getting killed each year.  In the 1950s and 1960s, about 55,000 people used to die on the roads – so, there has been improvement in the number of dead. 

However, the number of injured is rising.  Roughly 2.5 million are injured (yes, you read it correctly – 2.5 million injured) per year.  That is, 1 percent (1%) of the population that is eligible to drive is injured every year.

It is worse than a war zone out there.  So, please be safe and be on the lookout for weaving-through-the-traffic drivers, crazy drivers, reckless drivers, sick drivers, medical-condition drivers, sleepy drivers, negligent drivers, stupid drivers, careless drivers, drunk drivers, speeding drivers, drugged drivers, texting drivers, talking-on-the-phone drivers, looking-at-the-GPS drivers, hurry-hurry drivers, tailgating drivers, upset drivers, eating-while-driving drivers, putting-the-lipstick-on-while-driving drivers, elderly drivers, and so on.