Saturday, April 8, 2017

Monsanto worker in Soda Springs, ID severely injured after falling 20 feet from suspended platform

By Shelbie Harris

SODA SPRINGS, IDAHO — A worker at Monsanto in Soda Springs was critically injured Friday morning following an industrial accident near the kiln located inside a structure in the main manufacturing building.

The incident occurred around 8 a.m. when the employee fell from a grate suspended 20 feet in the air that gave way unexpectedly.

“The employee fell and EMTs immediately responded,” said Monsanto spokesman Trent Clark.

The employee was transported to Caribou Memorial Hospital via ambulance and after conducting an assessment, medical staff transported the employee to the University of Utah Medical Center trauma unit via helicopter.

“The employee was experiencing pain,” Clark said. “We don’t have an X-ray unit on site, but the employee was awake and alert as they left in the ambulance.”

Clark believes the employee had ascended a stairwell and, upon stepping on the grated-platform, it gave way causing him to plummet to the ground below.

“We don’t know how far he fell,” Clark said. “We just know that when the grate is suspended as it should be it is about 20 feet off the ground.”

The current condition of the employee, who remains unidentified until the family has been notified, also remains unknown at this time.

In addition to conducting a thorough investigation of the accident, which Clark expects could take a few days to complete, Monsanto plans to release an official statement regarding the incident later today.

Further details on how the accident occurred have not yet been released.