Sunday, April 16, 2017

Karen Maybin died in a house fire in Lansdale, PA; cause is under investigation

Sunday, April 16, 2017 01:06AM
LANSDALE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Montgomery County officials are investigating a fire that killed one person in Lansdale.

The fire started shortly after 6:30 p.m. Friday in the 700 block of Abbey Lane.

Firefighters say the victim was a mother who was trapped inside her home.

She was taken to a nearby hospital and later was pronounced dead.

Next door neighbors Sunni Datta and his family say they've lost their good friend Karen Maybin.

Maybin is pictured below with Datta celebrating his son's 2nd birthday earlier this month.

"She was actually a very nice lady. She loves my son. She loved my wife very much," said Datta.

Action News was told Maybin's son Zach, came running over to his neighbors for help.

Samapti Biswangri, a neighbor said, "He started screaming and I actually came to my driveway, and he came to me and says call 911. He was very upset. He starts running. He cannot go inside."

But Karen never came out.

We were told her son Zach was frantic, and that he tried to run into the flames to save her.

"So he was trying to break the windows of his house to get in there to get to his mom? Yeah, yeah, yeah," added Biswangri.

The fire was brought under control in about a half hour.

Police have not revealed any details on the investigation. However, a neighbor tells Action News gas cans were found in the living area.