Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Companies cited by OSHA for exposing workers to chemical and explosion hazards

Illinois company cited for exposing workers to chemical hazards

OSHA initiated an inspection of Orion Industries Ltd. in response to two employee complaints of exposure to air contaminants at its Chicago facility. The inspection identified workers in the spray painting operation being exposed to hexavalent chromium at levels approximately 40 times the permissible exposure limit. Inspectors cited the company for lacking sufficient engineering controls, work practices and protective gear to safeguard workers against exposure to hexavalent chromium. Orion has been prompt in addressing the worker overexposures since being informed about them and achieved significant reductions by the time of its closing conference with OSHA inspectors.

Alaska cites three companies that risked pipeline explosion at construction site

The Alaska Occupational Safety and Health Division has cited Universal Energy, Price Gregory International Inc. and Quanta Power Generation Inc. for multiple safety violations on a construction project in Anchorage, Alaska. An inspection at the Municipal Light and Power plant found that a pressure relief valve had been removed from a steam piping system and that system was put into operation without other safeguards in place. Two days later, the pressure reached dangerous levels, causing violent shaking of the piping system and leading to the evacuation of employees. Read the news release for more information. 

Washington beverage company cited for exposing workers to chemical hazards

Johanna Beverage Company in Spokane was cited for four workplace safety violations by the Washington Division of Occupational Safety and Health after exposing workers to ammonia from three separate chemical leaks. Inspectors found that the company failed to: develop a written emergency response plan in the event of an ammonia leak; provide workers with emergency response training; and provide an ammonia alarm system to alert workers when they need to evacuate. For more information, read the news release.