Sunday, April 9, 2017

A weekend water main break is causing major headaches for more than 40,000 people in Lackawanna County, PA

Water Main Break Affects More Than 40,000 Homes & Businesses
Repairs expected to take most of weekend

By: Lauren Hensley

Updated: Apr 08, 2017 08:08 PM EDT

DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) -- A weekend water main break is causing major headaches for many people in Lackawanna County. More than 40,000 customers are impacted after a water supply pipe burst.

It was early Saturday morning when Del and Ann Marie Pierce learned they had no water. When asked what the couple was going to do about a shower, Mrs. Pierce laughed and replied, "We're going to be dirty." Little did they know a water main break happened right across from their Mill Street home in Dunmore. But lucky for the Pierces, their neighbor still has water. Mrs. Pierce said, "We're getting water off the man next door. I can't understand how we don't have water and he does."

Pennsylvania American Water says more than 40,000 customers are impacted by the water main break but that doesn't mean everyone is without water. Some people have it but as Martin Rosario Rafalko of Dunmore said, "Mine is murky but I got water. Most of the complex does have it."

Pennsylvania American Water says if you have water you should boil it before drinking it. The water main break happened inside a building which is a pump station on Mill Street. Crews worked to turn a valve to shut off the 42 inch pipe.

In the meantime, water buffalos were set up throughout Dunmore, Scranton, Dickson City and beyond so those without water can still get what they need. While an inconvenience, many are still keeping a positive attitude like Stephen Elboli of Dunmore who said, "Oh, we'll survive. We'll survive. Yeah, without water, you think of the poor people in foreign countries that don't even have any water. We're fortunate to have the buffalos here and we are fortunate enough that we can help our neighbors to get through the situation."

Pennsylvania American Water repair work was expected to last into Sunday and is updating progress on its website. You can also call 800-565-7292 for the latest information.

Businesses in Dunmore are also feeling the impact. The tables and chairs at Nardozzi's Pizza were empty on a Saturday night when the restaurant should be packed with customers. The shop typically opens at 5 p.m. but will remain closed until the water main break is repaired.

Nardozzi's Pizza co-owner Michael Hayes acknowledged that the restaurant had low water pressure which was not enough to make the dough to serve up slices. "It could be anywhere from a day or two or longer until we can get water out. What we're focusing on now is trying to get gallons of water out to people in town especially the elderly if they do need water. We put some information out on social media to try to help people in town," he said.

Mr. Hayes said as soon as repairs to the water main were made, Nardozzi's would reopen and, in the meantime, would post updates on its website.

For other businesses in and around Dunmore, you may want to call ahead to double check if they are open.