Thursday, January 19, 2017

THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR BLESSINGS: After many years waiting for the liquid gold, Mother Nature floods California with storm after storm with no end in sight

When it rains, it pours.  1st of 3 storms soaks Southern California, bringing heavy rain, snow.  At least fifty percent of California is out of drought warning!  Bless the Lord.

One of three storm systems is moving through the Southland, with the possibility of bringing up to 2 inches of rain Thursday. (KABC)

Following on its heels is another, colder storm moving in Friday, then a heavier drenching is expected Sunday and Monday that could bring several more inches of rain and flooding in burn areas.

Los Angeles and Orange counties should see about an inch of rain Thursday, with a high temperature of 61 degrees.

The valleys and Inland Empire will see heavier rainfall, with up to 2 inches. There will be a high temperature of 59 degrees.

A cold weather alert has been issued for the Antelope Valley and Los Angeles County mountain areas. The alert expires Tuesday for the Antelope Valley, while the mountains one expires Friday.

Beaches will also see rain, with 3-6 foot surf and a high temperature of 60 degrees.

Ocean and bay water advisories have been issued for the possibility of elevated bacteria in the water connected to storm and urban runoff.

Mountains could see about 5-10 inches of snowfall at the 6,000-foot elevation, with thunder and a high temperature of only 34 degrees. More snow is expected on Friday, with a mix of rain and snow through the weekend.

By the time the series of storms finishes, the mountains could see a total of two feet or more of snow at higher elevations.

Anyone traveling to the mountains should make sure they have chains on their vehicles.

Deserts will see rain and wind with a high temperature of 52 degrees.

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