Saturday, November 5, 2016

Worker with Dragados USA was crushed to death after a road roller overturned down an embankment in Kernersville, NC


NOVEMBER 4, 2016

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- NCDOT officials say a construction worker died in an accident in Kernersville on Thursday afternoon. 

It happened shortly before 11:30 a.m. on West Mountain Street where work on the Winston-Salem Northern Beltway is taking place.   

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is building a multi-lane freeway that loops around the northern part of Winston-Salem. The project begins at U.S. 158 southwest of Winston-Salem and ends at I-74/U.S. 311 southeast of the city. The total length of the project is 34.2 miles. 

Officials say the accident involved an overturned road roller, which is used to pack the soil or gravel down when building a new road.

The worker was a contractor for Dragados USA.

NCDOT released a statement saying, "While this is not a NCDOT employee, our hearts go out to the family of the worker who lost their life today, and to the crews at Dragados USA who lost a coworker and friend."

Kernersville Police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are investigating the accident. 

About Dragados USA

Dragados USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dragados, was established in the United States in 2005. Since then, Dragados USA has grown steadily, successfully performing a variety of transportation, mass transit, dams, and water projects. Building on this success, Dragados' market share and financial position has consistently strengthened and grown over time.
The company is presently working on major infrastructure, marine, and dam construction and reconstruction projects, including the East Side Access in New York City; the I-287 Reconstruction, and the Reconstruction of Croton Falls Dam in New York; the Calaveras Dam outside of San Francisco, California; the Miami International Airport North Terminal Improvement project in Florida; and the Portugues Dam, the Rio Puerto Nuevo Flood Control project, and the Bechara Channel, in Puerto Rico; and the recently completed the Santan freeway (SR 202) I-10 to Gilbert Road in Arizona with our sister company Pulice Construction Co.

In addition, Dragados USA is currently at work on two major design-build projects: the P3 I-595 Corridor Improvement project in Broward County, Florida; the SR99 Bored Tunnel project in Seattle, the largest diameter tunnel in the world today.
In 2008, Dragados formally established Dragados Canada and opened its first corporate office in Toronto, Canada. Today, Dragados Canada is working on five major design-build contracts for P3 projects led by ACS: the A-30 Motoroute in Montreal; the Windsor Essex Parkway in Ontario; South Fraser Perimeter Road in Vancouver, British Columbia; and the Light Rail Systems in Ottawa and Edmonton.

Dragados’ ability to concurrently deliver multiple P3 projects underscores the depth of our resources  to execute  technically complex design-build projects.
Since 2005, Dragados has experienced a steady and sustainable growth in project revenue as well as geographic expansion across the United States and Canada. A part of that growth has come through the acquisition of Schiavone Construction Co. LLC and John P. Picone, Inc., in New York, and Pulice Construction, Inc., in Arizona. Today, Dragados USA is active in New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Puerto Rico, California, and Washington State.