Saturday, October 15, 2016

The driver of a car was rushing to the hospital to see his father when he ran a red light on the Roosevelt Boulevard, was T-boned by a Ford Explorer killing his two teen friends in Feltonville, PA

Maggie Lynn Goloff of the 800 block of Cottman Avenue, and 19-year-old Osman Zeynulov, died in the T-bone crash
 Police: Driver rushing to hospital crashes; 2 teens killed

By John Rawlins and Dann Cuellar
Saturday, October 15, 2016 05:57AM
FELTONVILLE (WPVI) -- Police say the driver of a car was rushing to the hospital to see his father when he ran a red light on the Roosevelt Boulevard, causing a crash that left his two friends dead.

According to investigators, the father of the 18-year-old driver had been robbed and assaulted while making a food delivery about 45 minutes before the wreck.

Those killed were identified as 16-year-old Maggie Lynn Goloff of the 800 block of Cottman Avenue, and 19-year-old Osman Zeynulov of the 400 block of Renard Street.

"He's my best friend actually, we worked together, too. He's a really hard worker. He just got back to school trying to get an education," said friend Hassan Yaghnam.

"Maggie was just Maggie. I mean when she came in, she brighten the room. I mean she was an awesome girl, an awesome little girl," said friend Danny O'Conner.

The driver has been identified as Ahmed Shahin.

Police say he was driving his 2002 Hyundai Sonata southbound on the Boulevard around 12:30 a.m. Friday when he ran the light and was struck by a Ford Explorer being driven westbound on Front Street.

The front-end of the Ford hit the driver's side of the Hyundai, causing the passenger's side to crash into a light pole.

Zeynulov was pronounced dead at the hospital. Goloff was pronounced dead at the scene.

"We know the female was sitting in the front seat when medics found her. It appears that where she was sitting was where the vehicle hit the light pole," said Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Shahin suffered only minor injuries. The driver of the Ford, a 55-year-old woman, also suffered minor injuries.

The Rev. Emile Stanton was traveling behind the teen's car, saying they also ran the light at Rising Sun.

"The red car ran the light. He ran Rising Sun light, and then he ran Front street light and he hit the lady at this light," said Stanton.

Sterling Scott heard the crash and rushed from his home, where a small group had already gathered. He says Shahin was trying to climb through the window.

"We helped him out of the vehicle. He was almost halfway out and he was saying 'give me a hand, give me a hand' so we helped him out," Scott said.

The two passengers were trapped. Scott called 911.

"There's two people trapped in the back of the vehicle, and both sides were crushed. There's no way they could get out," he said.

The SUV came up the embankment and rolled down the hill to a stop.

"She was screaming 'They hit me, they hit me!' I said 'you've got to calm down, that will be dealt with later on,'" said Scott.

And friends say the fact that the two people who were riding in the back seat are the ones ended up being killed is difficult to understand.

"She was gonna graduate, she couldn't wait to get a car, she couldn't wait to get her own place, she just got a new kitten from her friend Desiree and Darlene," said friend Hayley Visalli.

"He's a really good person, and he got a good heart, and his parents raised him right. That's the best person you could find, he's one in a million," said Yaghnam.

"And he used to, he used to be a very lovely person, like he's honest and everything," said friend Leo Hamwai..

"He's like family to me, he's like family. I wish it was me and not him," said Yaghnam.

Police are looking for surveillance video and are interviewing both drivers as this investigation continues.

As for the robbery of Shahin's father, police say he was held up in the 1900 block of Bristol Street around 11:45 p.m. Thursday while making a food delivery. He was flagged down by two men who claimed to have ordered the food.

One of the men had a gun and there was a struggle, police say, and the victim was struck repeatedly in the head. The suspects fled after seeing a marked police car drive by.

The descriptions released by police are:

Suspect #1 description: black male, 5 feet 8-9 inches tall, light skin, skinny build, wearing a grey, zip-up sweatshirt and white T-shirt.
Suspect #2 description: black male, 5 feet 8-9 inches tall, dark skin, wearing all black.

NOTE: Police previously reported that Osman Zeynulov and Ahmed Shahin are brothers. However, we later learned that the teens are not related.


Police said Friday the victims of a fatal auto collision were two teenagers, who were on their way to a hospital to see about a different recent injury.

Maggie Lynn Goloff, 16, and Osman Zeylnov, 19, who were in the rear seat of a 2002 Hyundai Sonata driven by Ahmed Shahin, both perished after the car ran a red light, being struck by a Ford Explorer around 12:30 a.m. Friday.

Shahin, 18, was identified by 6ABC after police originally reported he was the brother of Zeylnov. He was driving them to the hospital, to Temple University Hospital, where his father was a patient, having just been the victim of a robbery.

Shahin's father was "robbed and physically assaulted while making a food delivery," a police report said, before Zeylnov's brother ran the red light at Roosevelt Boulevard and Front Street.

The father, 48, was allegedly robbed at 11:47 p.m. Thursday on the 1900 block of Bristol Street while delivering pizza by two unknown black males armed with a handgun. The father allegedly reached for one's gun and fought back, when a marked police car drove by, causing the two suspects to flee. That investigation is ongoing.

The driver of the Ford Explorer that struck the Sonata, a 55-year-old female, and were both treated for minor facial injuries.

No criminal charges against anyone were reported yet in connection with the crash as of Friday.