Tuesday, October 18, 2016

DRUNKS DIE IN THE A.M. HOURS: Three people killed in a high speed, horrific crash in Marin County that literally split the vehicle in half

Three people were killed in Marin County just after midnight on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. (KGO-TV)

By Amy Hollyfield
Updated 17 mins ago
LAGUNITAS, Calif. (KGO) -- Three people have been killed in a bad crash in Marin County that literally split the vehicle in half. It happened just after midnight on Sir Francis Drake Blvd., a few miles east of Highway 1, not far from Point Reyes.

The car is ripped in two, with both parts up against trees.

Officers say the victims are three young men but they have not yet been identified. All of them were reportedly wearing their seat belts, they weren't ejected from the car and there was no fire.

"This is one of the nastier ones. Don't see this a whole lot out here but it does happen from time to time," CHP Ofc. Ernesto Donis said.

The call came in just after midnight. CHP officers say they haven't determined a cause yet.

Sir Francis Drake is closed in both directions.

These early a.m. crashes are caused, most of the time, by drunk drivers who speed.  Based on the splitting of the vehicle in two pieces, the driver was obviously speeding and failed to negotiate the curve and he end up colliding with trees.  Sir Francis Drake Blvd. is very-very curvy in that area and it has some very steep curves that cannot be seen easily at night.  Very, very typical situation.