Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BP-Husky Refining LLC, Lakeshore Utility Trailer Inc. of Millbury, Buffalo Cartridge Co. Inc. of Findlay, SMB Construction Inc. at 5120 Jackman Rd., Toledo fined over $105,000 for serious safety violations


Four Toledo-area companies, including BP-Husky Refining LLC, have been cited and fined for workplace safety violations by federal regulators.
BP-Husky Refining LLC, was fined $35,632 for violations at the company’s refinery at 4001 Cedar Point Rd. in Oregon, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The company was cited for five “serious” category violations, all of which related to the use and working condition of fire hydrants at the refinery.

Lakeshore Utility Trailer Inc. of Millbury was fined $35,926 for four “serious” violations and one more minor violation found at its operations at 3235 Moline-Martin Rd. The company failed to report within 24 hours an injury to an employee who was later hospitalized, OSHA said. Because the incident remains under investigation the injury could not be disclosed. The four “serious” citations were for violations involving the use of company forklifts.

Buffalo Cartridge Co. Inc. of Findlay was fined $21,378 for six “serious” violations and one minor violation found at the company’s operations on Broad Avenue in Findlay. The violations related to lack of written procedures, clean-up, and changes involving hazardous chemicals used by the company, which makes ammunition.

Lastly, SMB Construction Inc. at 5120 Jackman Rd., Toledo, was fined $15,714 for two “serious” violations found at a job site at 4100 Bennett Rd. The violations were for exposing employees to excessive heat while working inside a commercial building. Records indicated temperature reached 112 degrees inside a building being worked on for water damage.

In addition, SMB was cited for failing to train employees on how to prevent and recognize early signs of heat-related illnesses.

Each of the companies can contest the citations and fines.