MEC&F Expert Engineers : 7-alarm fire inside Bruno's Pizzeria destroys several adjacent business buildings, damages apartments in Passaic, New Jersey

Monday, July 24, 2017

7-alarm fire inside Bruno's Pizzeria destroys several adjacent business buildings, damages apartments in Passaic, New Jersey

7-alarm fire rips through row of businesses in Passaic

PASSAIC, New Jersey (WABC) -- Utility workers began digging to shore up their lines, because crews were headed to the burned out units to begin removing debris after a huge fire in New Jersey.

The fire broke out at 10:00 p.m. Sunday inside Bruno's Pizzeria in Passaic and spread to at least seven stores and damaged two rear apartments.

The fire along a row of stores on Main Avenue went to seven alarms. Help from across region responded.

"From Carlstadt, Wallington, Paterson, 100 firefighters throughout the night," said Hector Lora, Mayor of Passaic.

It began at night when all the stores, even the pizza shop where it started, were closed.

Fellow store owners have been assessing the damage.

Thanks to firefighters, stores like a clothing shop along the row suffered just minor damage.

"We have water and smoke damage, waiting for insurance company," said Brandon Ra, a store supervisor.

They've got to figure out the cause and figure out if these buildings are structurally sound.

The city is grateful that with such a huge fire they are not counting devastating losses.

"Our number one priority is life. We did immediate evacuations. There were two firefighters hurt and we ask for people's prayers and support," Lora said.

An investigation is underway into the cause of the fire.



A fire Sunday night ripped through multiple businesses in Passaic, destroying several of them, officials said.

The blaze is believed to have started inside Bruno’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, located on Main Street between Washington Place and Jefferson Street, around 9:40 p.m.

Officials said more than 100 firefighters were needed to bring the flames under control. News 12 New Jersey learned that a couple of firefighters were reportedly treated for heat exhaustion.

At least eight businesses, including Bruno’s, were either damaged or destroyed in the fire, officials said.

Edwardo Ordonez, the pizzeria’s owner, said he closed up shop at 8 p.m. and went home.

“Before I leave, I check [that] everything is out. Everything was off. Lights were off. Air conditioner was off,” he told News 12.

Less than two hours later, he got a call that his building was on fire.

“I lost everything,” Ordonez said.

He said he has no insurance to help cover the extensive damage.

In addition to the businesses, a couple apartments suffered water and smoke damage, officials said. Everyone inside escaped unharmed.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known and is under investigation. Restaurant fires are very common, if the exhaust hoods and other equipment are not properly maintained. Grease fire sounds familiar?