Friday, August 11, 2017

Subcontractor Amir Kaman, 49, was crushed to death by 15-ton slab of concrete at a garage construction site in Austin, Texas that is run by Cadence McShane Construction

AUSTIN, TEXAS (KXAN) — A man who died after a 15-ton slab of concrete fell on him at a southeast Austin construction site has been identified.

Initial information indicates, Amir Kaman, 49, was delivering a different kind of concrete slab for a garage project when a concrete wall being installed fell over onto the cab of a truck. Two people with knowledge of the site and construction safety say that caused a chain reaction that flipped the slabs that were on the truck’s flatbed onto Kaman.

When emergency crews arrived at the construction site at Wickersham Lane and Cromwell Circle on Tuesday morning, they found Kaman pinned under the slab. While they tried to extract him, Kaman died at the scene.

Alvin Sassenhagen said he heard a crash, then he heard a crane operator yelling to people on the ground to get out of the way. “By the time I looked up,” he said, the flatbed load of concrete “was already on its side.”

The parking garage being constructed will serve a large apartment complex Cadence McShane Construction was contracted to build.

A spokesman for a public relations firm the construction company hired said the victim was a subcontractor on the project.